Aug 7, 2011

Dessert Art

I seriously envy those who can create really pretty things in the oven. My artistic talents (what there is of them) is limited to Photoshop, creation of banners or whatnot and on occasion, wax figurines. Some people I know of are seriously culinary/ artistically blessed and I literally get a rush (pun unintended) going through their albums! Here are some of their masterpieces.

"Cookie Monster" cupcakes by Christine Tai
Honestly, how adorable! Featuring Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, these cupcakes were iced with much painstaking care.

Orange Poppyseed Cupcake by Christine Tai
Another one of Christine's amazing creations. This picture makes the cupcake look very refreshing and it definitely takes some incredible piping skillz to get that leaf as perfect as it is. 

Fudgy Chocolate Mud Cake by Weng Yee Khoo
That looks professional, doesn't it?! I think that my blood sugar level just went on overdrive looking at this picture. Honestly - chocolate mud cake and macarons. Extremely sinful! 

Chocolate Raspberry Friands by Su Lin
Chocolate and berries. Two of my absolutely favorite things to have for dessert. Just look at how the raspberries stud the chocolate friand quite uniformly... I think I've gone to heaven.

Croquembouche by Su Lin
A Croquembouche is a french piece of art (because honestly, who would want to destroy this by heaven forbid... eating it!?). It is often seen at weddings, baptisms and first communions (so says Wikipedia). 

An assortment of cupcakes
Anatasha is another one who is brilliant with them cupcakes. I daresay all toppings are handmade.

Tiramisu by Anatasha
Quite an interesting presentation of Tiramisu I might add. But it looks so pretty, who's complaining?!

Cappuccino Cupcakes topped with Marshmallows by Christine Tai
Honestly... phwoar. THESE CUPCAKES LOOK EXACTLY LIKE A CUP OF COFFEE WITH MARSHMALLOWS. I am totally blown away by Christine's handiwork. Aren't you?

Note: All images used here are copyright property of their owners!

About the Culinary Artists:
Anatasha is a full time student and an undercover culinary artist. What more can I say?

Christine Tai (Cupcake Decorator extraordinaire) is the proud owner of Little Cupcake Delights. You can see even more of her work in the gallery and support her by purchasing her cupcakes!

Su Lin (of the lovely friand and Croquembouche) has just graduated from her university education this year (2011). 

Weng Yee (creator of Mudcake with French Macarons) is the writer of I Heart My Bakes. She is a psychology student and lives in Perth, Western Australia. Follow her: Facebook

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