Jul 17, 2011

White Dog Cafe, Vivocity

My friend Guitarboy and I chanced upon this quaint sounding cafe while looking for a lunch place at Vivocity. The White Dog Cafe boasts spectacular views over the waterfront. We were lucky enough to secure seats that directly face Sentosa (at the expense of being distracted by staff walking in and out of the door to the balcony). I ordered the Classic Beef Burger with an Iced Chocolate; Guitarboy decided on the Aglio Olio with bacon and extra mushrooms.

The Classic Beef Burger (a White Dog Signature Dish) was a 'The Works' style burger. I couldn't fit it into my mouth! Definitely a burger that requires cutting up. Or if you're the barbarian type, both your little pinkies need to be extended a full 90 degrees in order to successfully perform the Burger Hold.   

The beef patty was the BEST PART of the burger. Succulent, handmade, tender - all the things a proper beef patty should be. The bun was definitely fresh as well. Unfortunately, the vegetables in the beef burger didn't seem to be fresh. This problem was easily solved though! Also - I'm a fan of oozy eggs. Poached, Sunny side up, Oozy scrambled eggs - <3. This egg didn't ooze. At All. :(

Fries: Normal chunky cut potato goodness. However, they were slightly cool when the dish arrived. Dislike! The fries also lacked seasoning of any sort (although some might take this as a plus since they can salt & pepper the fries as they wish). 

Salad was served with a dollop of Thousand Island - nothing special although the vegetables were definitely fresher than the veggies in the burger. 

The Iced Chocolate was frothy... and sweet. REAL sweet. And it's not a rich sort of sweet that you get at Max Brenner's. My blood sugar definitely hiked even higher than normal because of this ... not worth it! 

All in all, I would think that there are many other establishments to visit and eat at if you're at Vivocity. As it is, I doubt I will be paying White Dog Cafe a second visit. 

Recommended for: Large Groups, Chill Out

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White Dog Cafe
1 Harbourfront Walk
#02-131/132 VivoCity
Tel: 6376 9970

Opening Hours
Daily: 11.30 AM - 9.45 PM

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